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  • Amazing Panorama Picture Of Alanya
  • Amazing Panorama Picture Of Alanya
  • Amazing Panorama Picture Of Alanya
  • Amazing Panorama Picture Of Alanya
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Amazing Panorama Picture Of Alanya

Alanya Poster

This is a truly amazing picture taken from the castle with a panorama view of Alanya. Check out these amazing posters from Alanya below.

How to make a Turkish “evil eye”

If you are intrested in the blue eye that are sold in almost every store in Alanya check the video below or read this link : is a very entertaining read.

Art Gallery

If you love watching and buying art you should watch this video and see for yourself what can be found in the Rubi Platinum Art gallery in Alanya.

Alanya and Side viewed fram the air

Amazing video fra Alanya and side. This video features the stunning sunset and the all the great diffrent views from Alanya. The video is make by the air photographer Rocco Perez. If you havent been to Turkey or Alanya you will be booking your planeticket just minuttes after watching this video.

Paragliding in Alanya


If you want the best view over Alanya and a amazing expirience you should try paragliding. You get book a trip from most of the shops that sells guided tours and trips. Watch the cool youtube video and see what you are missing out on.

Virtual Turist In Alanya


If you havent visited alanya a great way to see where everything is located the alanya municipality has a very nice tool where you can look at the entire city and find the best places to visit once you are in alanya. The tool has some amazing pictures and information.  Remember you can zoom and… Read More

Gazipasa Airport

It good news regarding the Gazipasa Airport, this will help us all that loves Alanya. Read all about it at Coastal Turkey Facebook.  

Alara Inn

Located in the beautiful landscape of Turkey is Alara Inn. Built in the year 1231 by Sultan Alaedinn Keykubat, Alara Inn stands as a symbol of architectural distinction the country can boost. The place lies 30 kilometers before the city of Alanya. While on the way to Alanya on the Antalya-Alanya Highway I had to… Read More

Alara fortress


Alara fortress lies thirty kilometres in the western side of Alanya. This fortress was constructed back in the year 1232 under the instructions of Alaadin Keykubat with the need and interest to give maximum protection to the caravans resting point near Alara river. Near the Alara fortress lies a beautiful hilly and the features around… Read More